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President's Conference on Fire Prevention
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President's Conference on Fire Prevention. Report of the Committee on Research. May 6-8, 1947, Washington, DC, 18 p., 1947
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Responsive to the objectives of the conference and pursuant to the scope assigned it by the Coordinating Committee, the Conference's Committee on Research submits the following report. An essential tool for planning, and for the conduct of both fundamental and applied research, is means for reference to results of past experience, to experimental data, and to conclusions that have been competently arrived at in view of them. Loss of life, waste of property, and interference with private and public affairs by fire have been and are within the experience of all mankind. Organized fire fighting was practiced when history was first written. Fire prevention, in its modern aspects, is more than an air; but scientific application of most of its branches is sadly hampered by lack of bibliography and contributions from all sources thereto.