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President's Conference on Fire Prevention
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President's Conference on Fire Prevention. Report of Commitee on Fire-Fighting Services. May 6-8, 1947, Washington, DC, 43 p., 1947
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Annually there are over 800,000 fires in the United States. Fire departments answer more than a million alarms in all. In addition to the fires in buildings are those in brush, grass, rubbish, boats, automobiles, and other vehicles. There are also numerous calls for rescue work and special services. There are approximately 1,000 fire departments manned by fully paid professional firemen, and at least 15,000 others that are partpaid and volunteer. Fire departments for the most part are operated by municipalities and are supported principally by taxes on real estate. Fire department expenditures in cities of over 10,000 population were $3.69 per capita in 1946.