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Wiebenson, W. E., Jr. | Zwisler, W. H. | Seely, L. B. | Brinkley, S. R., Jr.
TIGER Computer Program Documentation. Part 1. Theoretical and Mathematical Formulations for the TIGER Computer Program.
Stanford Research Inst., Menlo Park, CA Combustion and Explosives Research, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aberdeen, MD
Part 1, November 1968, 75 p.
computer programs | formulations | detonation | Chapman-Jouguet theory | thermodynamic properties | gas mixtures
TIGER is a digital computer program written in FORTRAN IV for calculation of detonation parameters of condensed explosives. The central problem is the calculation of conditions in the Chapman-Jouguet detonation wave. Subsidiary problems are calculations of the properties of the detonation products along the Hugoniot curve, along isentropes (or along curves where other variables are held constant), or at specified points or grids of points. TIGER may also be used for detonations in gases and for direct solution of chemical equilibria at specified values of two state variables. In this volume the background theory upon which TIGER is based is discussed and the formulas incorporated in the program are developed. A brief discussion is given of the Chapman-Jouguet Theory of Detonation, followed by a rather detailed description of the thermodynamics of non-ideal heterogeneous systems as applied to detonation calculations. The presentation in this volume will be of interest to the serious student of detonation theory rather than to the user of the program.