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  • Innes, J.; Innes, A.
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    Plastic Lumber Standards and Flame Retardant Needs.
    Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, Baltimore, MD
    Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment Research Application Symposium. Research and Practice: Bridging the Gap. Proceedings. Fire Protection Research Foundation. July 24-26, 2002, Baltimore, MD, 250-281 p., 2002

  • Khan, M. M.; Alpert, R. L.
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    Evaluation of Flame Spread on Thin Polymeric Rooflight Materials.
    FM Global Research, Norwood, MA
    Journal of Fire Sciences, Vol. 21, No. 1, 41-54, January 2003

  • Zicherman, J. B.
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    SFPE Classic Paper Review: Fire Performance Under Full-Scale Test Conditions: A State Transition Model and Coupling Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling to Unwanted Fire by Robert Brady Williamson.
    Fire Cause Analysis, Berkeley, CA
    Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, Vol. 19, No. 1, 73-80, February 2009