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  • Schwartz, K. J.; Lie, T. T.
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    Investigating the Unexposed Surface Temperature Criteria of Standard ASTM E119.
    Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc.; National Research Council of Canada
    Fire Technology, Vol. 21, No. 3, 169-180, August 1985
    NRCC 25544; IRC Paper 1359,

  • Abrams, M. S.
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    Fire Test of Floor or Roof Assembly With I/D Components. PCA Research and Development Bulletin.
    Portland Cement Association, Skokie, IL
    Bulletin RD040.01B, 1976, 8 p.

  • Beitel, J. J.; Evans, W. R.
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    Multi-Story Fire Evaluation Program. Final Report. Volume 1. Text.
    Southwest Research Inst., San Antonio, TX
    Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., New York, SwRI Project 01-6112, November 1980, 43 p.

  • Fisher, F. L.; Williamson, R. B.
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    Fire Test of a Keystone Steel and Wire Company/Angeles Metal Systems Non-Load Bearing Exterior Wall System. Service to Industry Report.
    California Univ., Berkeley
    ES-7490; Report 77-4, May 1977, 48 p.

  • Williamson, R. B.; Baron, F. M.
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    Fire Test of MSC Structural Party Wall. Service to Industry Report.
    California Univ., Berkeley
    Material Systems Corp., Escondido, CA, Report 71-11, November 197l, 25 p.

  • Baron, F. M.; Williamson, R. B.; Conklin, J. H.
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    Fire Tests of Levitt Structural Double Walls. Service to Industry Report.
    California Univ., Berkeley
    Levitt Building Systems, Inc., Battle Creek, MI, Report 72-04, January 1972, 28 p.

  • Messersmith, J. J.
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    Fire Resistance Rating Requirements for Exterior Bearing Walls.
    Portland Cement Assoc., OR
    Building Official and Code Administrator, Vol. 24, No. 3, 34-40, May/June 1990

  • Abrams, M. S.; Orals, D. L.
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    Concrete Drying Methods and Their Effect on Fire Resistance.
    Portland Cement Assn., Skokie, IL
    ASTM STP 385,
    American Society for Testing and Materials. Moisture in Materials in Relation to Fire Tests. Annual Meeting, 67th. June 24, 1965, American Society for Testing and Materials, PA, Chicago, IL, 52-73 p., 1965

  • Degenkolb, J. G.
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    Fire Retardant Treated Wood Stud 24-inch O.C. Non-Load Bearing Wall.
    Wood Preserving News, 1-6, December 1965
    American Wood Preservers Inst., Washington, DC,

  • Cooper, L. Y.
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    Thermal Response of Gypsum-Panel/Steel-Stud Wall Systems Explosed to Fire Environments - A Simulation for Use in Zone-Type Fire Models.
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
    NISTIR 6027, June 1997, 54 p.