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  • Budnick, E. K.
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    Mobile Home Living Room Fire Studies: The Role of Interior Finish.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC, NBSIR 78-1530, September 1978, 163 p.

  • Quintiere, J. G.; Raines, J. W.
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    Thermal and Flow Characteristics of the ASTM E 84 Tunnel Test Method. Final Report.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    NBSIR 75-705, September 1975, 38 p.

  • D'Souza, M. V.; McGuire, J. H.
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    ASTM E-84 and the Flammability of Foamed Thermosetting Plastics.
    National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
    Fire Technology, Vol. 13, No. 2, 85-94, May 1977
    DBR Paper 724; NRCC 16091,

  • Castino, G. T.
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    Fire Test Methodology as it Relates to Plastics.
    Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Northbrook, IL
    University of Detroit. Recent Advances in the Flame- and Smoke-Retardance of Polymers. Polymer Conference Series. Proceedings. May 21-25, 1973, Detroit, MI, 1-50 p., 1970

  • Briber, A. A.
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    Small-Scale VS. Lage-Scale Fire Tests.
    Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Northbrook, IL
    University of Utah. Fire Prevention and Control: A Major Societal Problem. Polymer Conference Series. June 4-9, 1973, Salt Lake City, UT, 1-26 p., 1973

  • Hirschler, M. M.
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    Smoke Obscuration in the Steiner Tunnel Test: Can It Be Predicted?
    GBH International, Mill Valley, CA
    Product Safety Corporation. International Conference on Fire Safety, 23rd. Volume 23. Proceedings. January 13-17, 1997, Product Safety Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, Millbrae, CA, 170-182 p., 1997

  • Bankler, T.; Janssens, M. L.; Wenzel, A. B.
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    Comparison of the European SBI Test and Reaction-to-Fire Tests in North America.
    Southwest Research Inst., San Antonio, TX
    Fire and Materials '98 International Conference, 5th. Proceedings. Interscience Communications Ltd. February 23-24, 1998, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, San Antonio, TX, 99-110 p., 1998

  • Chapin, J. T.; Caudill, L.; Hoover, J. R.
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    Comparison of Fire Behavior of Copper and Fiber Optic Cables in Large and Full Scale Fire Test Facilities.
    Lucent Technologies, Norcross, GA; Dupont, Washington, DC
    Wire and Cable Symposium, 46th International. Proceedings. 1997, 775-784 p., 1997

  • Babrauskas, V.
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    Fire Test Methods for Evaluation of Fire-Retardant Efficacy in Polymeric Materials.
    Fire Science and Technology Inc., Issaquah, WA
    Fire Retardancy of Polymeric Materials. Chapter 3, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, NY, Grand, A. F.; Wilkie, C. A., Editors, 81-113 p., 2000

  • Parker, W. J.
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    Assessment of Correlations Between Laboratory and Full Scale Experiments for the FAA Aircraft Fire Safety Program. Part 3: ASTM E 84.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    Federal Aviation Administration, Atlantic City Airport, NJ, NBSIR 82-2564; DOT/FAA/CT-81/133, January 1983, 57 p.