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  • Beausoliel, R. W.; Clifton, J. R.; Meese, W. J.
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    Effects of Thermal Insulation on Electrical Connections and Outlet Boxes. Final Report.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    Department of Energy, Washington, DC, NBSIR 81-2220, April 1981, 52 p.

  • Nussbaum, R.; Ostman, B.
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    Brandskyddsmedel for trakonstruktioner--Kunskapsoversikt 1986. [Fire Retardants for Timber Structures--Literature Survey, 1986.]
    Swedish Institute for Wood Technology Research, Stockholm, Sweden
    Report I 8703022, March 1987, 50 p.

  • Linder, K.
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    Contamination and Corrosion: Double Trouble After the Fire.
    Sentinel, Vol. 44, 2nd Quarter, 3-10, 1987 and SFPE Bulletin, No. 87-5, 1,10-13, November 1987.,

  • Alleman, J. E.; Milke, J. A.; Hickey, H. E.
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    Investigation of the Water Quality and Condition of Pipe in Existing Automatic Sprinkler Systems for the Analysis of Design Options With Residential Sprinkler Systems. Final Report.
    Maryland Univ., College Park, MD
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD, NBS GCR 82-399, August 1982, 92 p.

  • Weiss, A.
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    Salvage After Fire, Corrosion and Reconditioning of Buildings.
    Winterthur Versicherungen, Munich
    Commission of the European Communities. Fires in Buildings. September 18-21, 1984, Elsevier Applied Science Publishers, NY, Luxembourg, Mourareau, R.; Thomas, M., Editors, 132-139 p., 1984

  • Bowen, G. E.
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    Magnesium Hydroxide: A Halogen Free Flame and Smoke Suppressant for Polyproplene.
    Morton Thiokol Inc., Woodstock, IL
    Plastics & Rubber Inst. and British Plastics Federation. Flame Retardants 1985. 2nd Intl. Conf. November 28-29, 1985., London, England, 2/1-19 p., 1985

  • Bussink, J.; Vink, D. A.
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    New Materials Utilising Halogen-Free Retardants for Electrical Distribution and Communications.
    Plastics & Rubber Inst. and British Plastics Federation. Flame Retardants, 1985. 2nd Intl. Conf. November 28-29, 1985., London, England, 26/1-7 p., 1985

  • Alexander, J. I.; Bogan, D. T.; Eaton, H. G.; Greene, J.; Paholski, J.; Sheinshon, R. S.; Smith, W. D.; Tatem, P. A.; Wang, H. T.; Williams, F. W.; Henderson, C. M.; Polito, P. L.; Stone, J. P.; McLain, W. H.
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    Navy Electrical Cable Full-Scale Fire Tests of 1985 at Mobile, Alabama. Final Report.
    Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC; Hughes Associates, Inc., Wheaton, MD; Coast Guard R&D Center, Groton, CT
    Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, DC, NRL 6395, February 16, 1989, 767 p.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
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    Investigations of the Corrosion of Metals Exposed to the Combustion Products Generated During Shipboard Fires. Annual Letter Report. September 30, 1982-September 30, 1983.
    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
    Annual Letter Report, December 31, 1983, 13 p.

  • Karpas, J.
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    Fire Resistance of Hollow Steel Columns Filled With Concrete.
    Building Research Inst., Prague
    CIB W14/87/05 (CZ), 1987, 13 p.