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  • Home Office
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    Smoke Alarms: Home Office Television Advertising Campaign 1994/1995.
    Home Office, London, England
    1995, 9 p.

  • Building Research Association of New Zealand
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    Domestic Smoke Alarms.
    Building Research Assoc. of New Zealand, Porirua
    BRANZ Building Info. Bull. 252, 1987, 5 p.

  • Pigott, B. B.
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    Scope for Intelligent Fire Detection Systems.
    Fire Research Station, Borehamwood, England
    Paper 2, 1986, 21 p.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC
    NASA-TM-X-67264, May 3, 1971,
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Space Shuttle Technology Conference. Volume 1. Operations, Maintenance, and Safety. March 16, 1971, Phoenix, AZ, 285 p., 1971

  • Shelton, J. W.
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    Analysis of Fire Reports on File in the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal's Office Relating to Wood and Coal Heating Equipment.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD; Department of Energy, Washington, DC, NBS GCR 78-149, November 1978, 9 p.

  • Long, R. G.; Chufo, R. L.
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    Technical Guidelines for Installing, Maintaining, and Inspecting Underground Telephone Systems. Bureau of Mines Handbook.
    Department of the Interior, Washington, DC
    1978, 82 p.

  • Moore, W. D.
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    Testing and Maintenance--Increasing Fire Detection Systems Reliability.
    Mass Fire Alarms of New England, Lowell, MA
    Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Fire Detection and Suppression...Today's Technology. March 9-11, 1987, Linthicum Heights, MD, 1-5 p., 1987

  • Rom, J. J.
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    Maintenance, Calibration, and Operation of Isokinetic Source-Sampling Equipment.
    Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
    APTD-0576, March 1972, 29 p.

  • U.S. Comptroller General
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    National Park Service Needs a Maintenance Management System.
    U.S. Comptroller General, Washington, DC
    B-209917, June 1, 1984, 58 p.

  • American Petroleum Institute
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    Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Offshore Production Platforms. Recommended Practice. 1st Edition.
    American Petroleum Institute, Dallas, TX
    API RP 14G, September 1978, 26 p.