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  • National Fire Protection Association
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    Report on Comments 2000 May Association Technical Meeting. A Compilation of NFPA Technical Committee Reports on Comments for Review Prior to Consideration at the NFPA May Association Technical Meeting.
    National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA
    Report on Comments, 2000, 243 p.

  • May, D.
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    Choosing the Right Gear.
    Fire International, No. 144, 29-30, August/September 1994

  • Pribble, P.
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    Lab Dedicated to Testing Research for Life Safety.
    Paul Pribble Technical Consultants, Fallbrook, CA
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 127, No. 3, 46-47, March 1974

  • Hamilton Standard
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    Fireman protective Study. Technical Proposal.
    Hamilton Standard
    National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC, HSPC 70T23, [date unknown], 44 p.

  • Utech, H. P.
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    Injury Statistics and the Design of Fire Fighters' Protective Clothing and Equipment.
    National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC
    1966, 12 p.

  • Williams, L. L.
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    Toxicity of Fire Gases.
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 112, No. 5, 373-414, May 1959

  • Pompe, A. E.
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    Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment.
    Phildelphia Fire Dept., PA
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 149, No. 11, 73-77, November 1996

  • Hill, S. A.; Scheffey, J. L.; Farley, J. P.; Williams, F. W.
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    Results of the 1996 Firefighting and Damage Control Equipment Evaluation Tests (SCBA).
    Hughes Associates, Inc., Baltimore, MD; Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
    NRL/MR/6180-97-7936, March 31, 1997, 135 p.

  • Altilio, M. T.
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    Developing the Device.
    Grand Design, Inc.
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 150, No. 4, 128,130-131, April 1997

  • Oddo, J. A.
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    New Tool Addresses the Firefighter's First Priority.
    New York City Fire Dept., NY
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 150, No. 4, 125-128, April 1997