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Wolfe, W. C.
Review of Federal and Military Specifications for Floor Coverings. Final Report.
National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
NBS TN 822, April 1974, 99 p.
Available from Government Printing Office Available from National Technical Information Service
carpets | specifications | standards | tests | quality control
In this manual, which is organized so as to aid ready reference, requirements and test methods in Federal and Military Specifications for flooring, or floor coverings are combined, indexed and reviewed. The manual covers carpet, resilient flooring, monolithic surfacings or seamless flooring, and polyurethane coatings related to seamless flooring. It also covers all serviceability requirements except those relating to flammability, fire safety and acoustical properties. Physical and material requirements in Federal Specifications for floor coverings are considered in separate sections. Military Specifications for monolithic surfacings and Federal Specifications for floor coverings and polyurethane coatings are summarized in comprehensive tables. Under each physical requirement, comments indicate whether it is a quality control or a performance requirement. Each comment is followed by a list of those Federal Specifications which include the requirement and a brief description of the criteria and test methods in the specifications. Comments on materials requirements relate to their adequacy and applicability to the product for which they were written. Finally, recommendations are made for improvements in performance requirements which should be considered for inclusion in future flooring and floor covering specifications.