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  • Badami, G. N.
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    Testing and Standardisation: Experiences and Problems.
    Structural Engineering Research Centre, Madras, India
    International Conference on Flammability. INTERFLAM '85. Conference Workbook. March 26-28, 1985, Guildford, England, 251-257 p., 1985

  • Talbert, J. H.
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    Smoke and Heat Venting for Sprinklered Buildings: A Different Perspective.
    National Fire Protection Assoc., Quincy, MA
    Fire Journal, Vol. 81, No. 3, 26-30,114,115, May/June 1987

  • Andracchio, C. R.; Aydelott, J. C.
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    Comparison of Flame Spreading Over Thin Flat Surfaces in Normal Gravity and Weightlessness in an Oxygen Environment.
    National Aeronautics and Space Admin., Cleveland, OH
    National Aeronautics and Space Admin., Washington, DC, NASA TM X-1992, May 1970, 25 p.

  • Holley, M. D.; Bachman, S.
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    Flammability Control in the Oxygen Environment of the Apollo Guidance and Navigation Equipment.
    Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, TX
    National Aeronautics and Space Admin. Materials for Improved Fire Safety. May 6-7, 1970, Houston, TX, 211-217 p., 1970

  • U.S. Department of Transportation
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    NAFEC (National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center) Technical Program. Highlights, 1977.
    Department of Transportation, Washington, DC
    1978, 104 p.

  • Coleman, A.
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    Design Improvement of Problem Estates.
    London Univ., England
    Safety in the Built Environment. International Conference on Safety in the Built Environment (BUSI-88). July 13-15, 1988, Routledge, Chapman & Hall, New York, Portsmouth, England, Sime, J. D., Editors, 270-284 p., 1988

  • Wolfe, W. C.
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    Review of Federal and Military Specifications for Floor Coverings. Final Report.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    NBS TN 822, April 1974, 99 p.

  • Robertson, A. F.
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    Tests Indicate Venting Increases Smoke From Some Polymerics.
    National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
    Fire Engineering, Vol. 126, No. 9, 97-98, September 1973

  • Schultze, E. J.
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    Engineering Tests of Fire and Salvage Equipment Set, Marine.
    Army Engineer Research and Development Labs., Fort Belvoir, VA
    Report 1600-TR; Project 8-76-01-400, October 5, 1959, 56 p.

  • Grant, R. L.
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    Combination Statistical Design for Sensitivity Testing.
    Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh, PA
    IC 8324, 1967, 28 p.