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Liu, Z. | Kim, A. K. | Carpenter, D.
Portable Water Mist Fire Extinguisher for Multi-Purpose Applications.
National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
NRCC 46030; Paper 5-3,
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Fire Suppression Technologies Workshop. Proceedings. Sponsored by Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space (CCACS); Hughes Associates, Inc.; Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability and International Water Mist Association (IWMA). Paper 5-3. February 24-27, 2003, Mobile, AL, 1-3 p., 2003
fire extinguishers | water mist | statistics | pool fires | Class K fires | Class 2-A fires | Class 1-B fires | Class C fires
cooking oils (Class K); wood crib (Class A); flammable liquids (Class B); electrical equipment (Class C)
Statistics show that almost 80 percent of fires are extinguished without the intervention of the fire service and within that 80 percent, portable fire extinguishers play a crucial role in limiting fire losses. However, some of the currently available extinguishers create clean-up and environmental problems and often their use is limited to specific types of fires. In addition, they may generate toxic or corrosive combustion by-products during fire suppression, and thus are not suitable for use in some applications, such as medical centres, telecommunication facilities, industrial clean rooms and food processing plants. Fixed water mist systems have already demonstrated their capability in providing protection in a wide range of applications. However, there is limited research on the application of portable water mist extinguisher. Recently, the National Research Council of Canada, with Fountain Fire Protection Inc., has carried out a research project to study the use of portable water mist extinguishers and had developed a prototype water mist fire extinguisher for multi-purpose applications, including extinguishing fires associated with cooking oils (Class K), wood crib (Class A), flammable liquids (Class B) and electrical equipment (Class C).