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  • Liu, Z.; Kim, A. K.; Carpenter, D.
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    Portable Water Mist Fire Extinguisher for Multi-Purpose Applications.
    National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
    NRCC 46030; Paper 5-3,
    Fire Suppression Technologies Workshop. Proceedings. Sponsored by Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space (CCACS); Hughes Associates, Inc.; Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability and International Water Mist Association (IWMA). Paper 5-3. February 24-27, 2003, Mobile, AL, 1-3 p., 2003

  • Voelkert, J. C.
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    Class K Fires: A New Classification for Commercial Cooking Hazards.
    International Fire Protection (IFP) Magazine, No. 22, 90-91, May 2005