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Andracchio, C. R. | Aydelott, J. C.
Comparison of Flame Spreading Over Thin Flat Surfaces in Normal Gravity and Weightlessness in an Oxygen Environment.
National Aeronautics and Space Admin., Cleveland, OH
National Aeronautics and Space Admin., Washington, DC
NASA TM X-1992, May 1970, 25 p.
flame spread | weightlessness | tests | solids | flame spread rate | combustion chambersd | oxygen atmosphere
zero gravity
A test program was conducted to observe burning characteristics of solids during weightlessness in a 3.45-N/cm(2)abs (5-psia) oxygen atmosphere. Results obtained from the tests conducted in both normal-gravity and zero-gravity environments were compared. Flame profile and spread pattern were photographed, and flame spread rate was measured over thin, square-shaped, paper and plastic specimens; the specimens were oriented vertically and horizontally in a sealed combustion chamber. During weightlessness the profile of the flame was found to be rounded or dome-shaped for either orientation while the flame spread in a uniform circular pattern over the specimen surface. Flame spread rates were lower in zero gravity and in normal gravity.