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  • Sorathia, U.; Long, G.; Blum, M.; Ness, J.; Gracik, T.
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    Screening Tests for Fire Safety of Composites for Marine Applications.
    NAVSEA Carderock Division, West Bethesda, MD
    Fire and Materials, Vol. 25, No. 6, 215-222, November/December 2001
    Fire and Materials 2001. 7th International Conference and Exhibition. Proceedings. Interscience Communications Limited. January 22-24, 2001, San Antonio, TX, 79-91 p., 2001

  • Orvis, A. L.; Allwein, S.
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    Gas Sampling and Analysis by Fourier Transport Infrared Spectroscopy.
    Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX
    Fire and Materials 2001. 7th International Conference and Exhibition. Proceedings. Interscience Communications Limited. January 22-24, 2001, San Antonio, TX, 433-445 p., 2001

  • Wienhold, P. D.; Lennon, A. M.; Roberts, J. C.; Rooney, M.; Kercher, A. K.; Nagle, D. C.; Sorathia, U.
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    Characterization of Carbonized Wood Core for Use in FRP Sandwich Ship Structures.
    Johns Hopkins Univ., Laurel, MD; Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD; Naval Surface Warfare Center, West Bethesda, MD
    Bridging the Centuries With SAMPE's Materials and Processes Technology. Science of Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Series. Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE), 45th International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition. Volume 45. Proceedings. May 21-25, 2000, Long Beach, CA, 1700-1712 p., 2000

  • Lataille, J. I.
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    UL 2360: A New Test for Wet Bench Plastics.
    Fire Protection Engineering, No. 12, 30-33, Fall 2001

  • Urbas, J.
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    BDMC Interlaboratory Cone Calorimeter Test Program.
    Pacific Fire Laboratory, Kelso, WA
    Fire and Materials, Vol. 26, No. 1, 29-35, January/February 2002

  • Curry, B.
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    Fire Retardant Properties of AOC's Firepel K133 Filled Polyester Laminates.
    Fire and Materials 2003. 8th International Conference. Conference Papers. Proceedings. Organised by Interscience Communications Limited. January 27-28, 2003, San Francisco, CA, 155-161 p., 2003

  • Hshieh, T. T.; Hshieh, F. Y.
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    Closed-Cup Flash Points and Flammability Properties of Selected Chemical Compounds.
    Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA; Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc., Las Cruces, NM
    Journal of Fire Sciences, Vol. 23, No. 3, 157-171, March 2005

  • Audouin, L.; Torero, J. L.; Mangs, O.; Rigollet, L.
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    Example of the Use of Standard Flammability Criteria for Performance Analysis of Materials: Polycarbonate and PMMA.
    Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire/DPAM, Saint Paul lez Durance, France; Edinburgh Univ., Scotland; Brandskyddslaget, Stockholm, Sweden
    Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. Eighth (8th) International Symposium. International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). September 18-23, 2005, Intl. Assoc. for Fire Safety Science, Boston, MA, Beijing, China, Gottuk, D. T.; Lattimer, B. Y., Editors, 493-504 p., 2005

  • Babrauskas, V.
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    Ignition of Solids: What Have We Learned in a Half-Century of Research?
    Fire Science and Technology Inc., Issaquah, WA
    Flame Retardants 2006. (Flame Retardants '06). 12th Conference Proceedings. British Plastics Federation and Interscience Communications in collaboration with the Association of Plastics Manufacturers, European Flame Retardant Association and the Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. February 14-15, 2006, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, London, England, 89-97 p., 2006

  • Beaulieu, P. A.; Dembsey, N. A.
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    Effect of Oxygen on Flame Heat Flux in Horizontal and Vertical Orientations.
    FM Global, Norwood, MA; Worcester Polytechnic Inst., MA
    Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 43, No. 6, 410-428, August 2008