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  • Needles, H. L.; Xie, Q.; Walker, C.; Alger, K. W.
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    Assessment of Fabric Flammability by Small Scale Test Methods.
    California Univ., Davis
    Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. Fire Safety Progress in Regulations, Technology and New Products. Fall Conference. October 18-21, 1987, Fire Retardant Chemicals Assoc., Lancaster, PA, Monterey, CA, 43-47 p., 1987

  • Kaswell, E. R.
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    Clothing Fire Risks, Federal Flammability Standards, and Personal Injury Litigation.
    Consulting Textile Technologist, Waha, MA
    Textile Chemist and Colorist, Vol. 21, No. 10, 13-15, October 1989
    American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. (AATCC). International Conference and Exhibition, 1989. Book of Papers. Host: Delaware Valley Section. October 3-6, 1989, AATCC, Research Triangle Park, NC, Philadelphia, PA, 184-187 p., 1989

  • Weaver, J. W.
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    What's Normal About Flammable Fabrics?
    Delaware Univ., Newark
    LeBlanc Research Corp. Textile Flammability Symposium, 4th. April 15-16, 1976, LeBlanc Research Corp., East Greenwich, RI, New York, NY, LeBlanc, R. B., Editors, 54-62 p., 1976

  • Clothes
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    FR Bomb.
    Clothes, Vol. 10, No. 20, 31-34, January 1, 1976

  • Needles, H. L.
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    Current Issues in Clothing Flammability: Testing and Regulation.
    California Univ., Davis
    Product Safety Corporation. International Conference on Fire Safety, 16th. Volume 16. January 14-18, 1991, Product Safety Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, Millbrae, CA, 175-177 p., 1991

  • Mischutin, V.
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    Flame Retarding Cellulosic and Blended Textiles.
    Amspec Chemical Corp., Glouster City, NJ
    Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. Fire Safety Developments and Testing: Toxicity--Heat Release--Product Development--Combustion Corrosivity. October 21-24, 1990, Fire Retardant Chemicals Assoc., Lancaster, PA, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 193-203 p., 1990

  • Baker, C. A.
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    Proposed Revision in CS 191-53.
    Better Fabrics Testing Bureau, Inc.
    Information Council on Fabric Flammability. Annual Meeting, 1st. December 14, 1967, New York City, New York, 83-88 p., 1967

  • Vickers, A.; Krasny, J.; Tovey, H.
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    Some Apparel Fire Hazard Parameters.
    National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC
    Information Council on Fabric Flammability. Annual Meeting, 7th. December 5, 1973, ICFF, New York, NY, New York, NY, 205-226 p., 1973