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  • Williams, W. R.
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    Investigation of UFSUB 6 Behavior in a Fire.
    Oak Ridge National Lab., TN
    DE88-017126, 1988, 8 p.

  • Odell, B.
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    Safety Analysis of the Existing 825, 826, and 827 Chemistry Facilities.
    Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA
    UCID-21416, May 31, 1988, 117 p.

  • Foote, K. L.
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    Investigation of the Fire Endurance of Borated Polyethylene Shielding Material.
    Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA
    UCID-21338, June 17, 1988, 18 p.

  • Gregory, W. S.; Nichols, B. D.; White, B. W.; Smith, P. R.; Leslie, I. H.; Corkran, J. R.
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    Fire Aerosol Experiments and Comparisons With Computer Code Predicitons.
    Los Alamos National Lab., NM; New Mexico State Univ., Albuquerque
    LA-UR-88-2666, 1988, 14 p.
    Department of Energy/Nuclear Regulatory Commission (DOE/NRC). Nuclear Air Cleaning Conference, 20th. August 22-25, 1988, Boston, MA, 1988

  • Haynes, L. M.
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    Severe Thermal Environment Protection Systems (STEPS) JP-5 Pool-Fire Test. Final Report. January 1986-February 1987.
    Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, CA; New Mexico State Univ., Albuquerque
    JTCG/AS-88-T-002, September 1988, 46 p.

  • INDA
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    INDA, New York
    INDA Standard Tests (IST), INDA, New York, 44 p., 1978

  • Federal Aviation Agency
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    Handout Illustrations for Presenttion of FAA's Crash Fire Fighting Tests.
    Federal Aviation Agency, Atlantic City, NJ
    21 p.
    National Fire Protection Association. Aviation Seminar. May 17, 1965, Washington, DC, 1965

  • Harrison, R.
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    Danger of Ignition of Ground Cover Fuels by Vehicle Exhaust Systems. Equipment Development and Test Report.
    Department of Agriculture, San Diamas, CA
    Report 5100-15, November 1970, 39 p.

  • Buteux, R.; Grzeszkiewicz, M.
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    Water Mist Fire Test for SSN-21 Auxiliary Machinery Room Mock-Up in the NRL Fire 1 Test Chamber. Final Report.
    NKF Engineering, Inc., Reston, VA
    David W. Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center, Bethesda, MD, DTNSRDC-SME-CR-10-86, June 1986, 51 p.

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    Aerosol Storage: The Problems and Solutions.
    Factory Mutual Approved Product News, Vol. 2, No. 5, 8-12, December 1986