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Berhinig, R. M.
Measurement of Air Flow Around Doors Under Standardizd Fire Test Conditions. June 1978-January 1979.
Underwriters Labs., Inc., Northbrook, IL
National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD
NBS GCR 81-330, July 1981, 40 p.
Available from National Technical Information Service
air flow | ASTM E152 | air leakage | hollow metal | doors | fire tests | metal doors | door assemblies
Fire tests were conducted to obtain data for evaluating the reproducibility and accuracy of a test method being proposed by the International Standards Organization. The proposed test method is intended to provide for measurement of the air flow through fire door assemblies during a standardized fire exposure test. The furnace used to conduct the fire tests was the vertical panel furnace of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The furnace is ordinarily used to conduct tests in accordance with ASTM E 152 (UL 10B), Fire test of Door Assemblies. The fire door assembly tested consisted of a nominal 3 by 7 ft. flush-type, hollow metal door attached to a steel from mounted in a brick masonry wall. During the tests, measurements were made of the air flow through the fire door assemblies, the deflection of the door assemblies and the temperature and pressure conditions within the furnace and test assemblies.