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Ho, M. C. | Huang, C. H. | Lin, C. P. | Chuang, Y. J. | Lin, C. Y. | Tang, C. H.
Study of NEFF Value by Observing Primary School Students Exiting Through the Entrance Doors in Specific Widths.
National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan Nanya Institute of Technology, Taiwan National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Tungnan University, Taiwan
Journal of Applied Fire Science, Vol. 17, No. 2, 131-141, 2007-2008
students | doors | people movement | schools | building design | safety | evacuation time | walking speed | tests | fire data | walls | fire statistics | human behavior
primary school students who exited an assembly hall; data for primary school design and safety requirement; Taipei Fu-De Primary School, Taiwan (May 2008 to June 2008); door and wall relationship; video camera location; time and interior person relationship; student movement behavior patterns