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Chen, K. K. | Lipman, R. R. | Palmer, M. E.
Test Suite for Building Energy Analysis of Conceptual Spatial Layout.
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
NISTIR 7687, May 2010, 155 p.
building energy | methodology | tests | validation | building design | energy analysis | specifications
Building Performance and Energy Analysis (BPEA); Building Information Model / Modeling (BIM); Industry Foundation Classes (IFC); reference IFC files
Purpose: This report documents a test suite for validation and conformance testing in support of the interoperability among building design and energy analysis applications. The objectives of this test suite are to: (*) Provide to software vendors test cases to evaluate their software implementations of Building Performance and Energy Analysis (BPEA) data exchange specifications and to ensure that their implementations are correct; (*) Provide to industry test cases and guidance for conformance testing and interoperability testing; (*) Contribute to the validation of the draft BPEA data exchange specification (and its components) for satisfaction of specified requirements and fulfillment of its intended purposes, and (*) Identify needed improvements in the draft BPEA data exchange specifications. The intended audience for this document includes developers of building information modeling (BIM) software and energy analysis applications as well as researchers and industry organizations working on achieving interoperability among these software and applications. Scope: This test suite defines a test plan and test cases with verdict criteria for the concepts and data structures regarding spatial layout for energy analysis documented in the BPEA specification.